Thesis on retail business

However, if we want to make a positive impact on the world around us, we need to start considering more than whether the clothes suit our shape or are in fashion. Instead, we should be asking ourselves a number of different questions.

Thesis on retail business

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Thesis on retail business

From where to shop, how to shop, what to shop for, and who to do business with, there is constant competition throughout the industry to be the best among consumers and to gain the most success.

Many journal articles have been written addressing these concerns. Though they may be somewhat difficult to interpret, they tend to offer research and suggestions in order to overcome obstacles and answer questions. The following is an analysis of the articles I have read dealing with different areas within the retailing world and the issues each area commonly face.

Getting merchandise to stores on time, and getting the amounts and types of merchandise correct, is a risky job for a buyer. Often buyers look for the best value, or how they can get goods at the lowest price. However, in order to get a great deal, buyers must often purchase merchandise early, sometimes seven to eight months ahead of the selling season.

This fashion Thesis on retail business can sometimes be wrong, leading to excess inventory, more discounted items, consumer dissatisfaction, or lost sales Retail performance, It spoke of buying situations and dealt with some formulas and equations. Being someone who is studying the filed, I typically understood most of the vocabulary, but a layperson may have some difficulty.

Terms such as forecasting, lead-time, lost sales, GMROI, and product substitute percentage may be a bit confusing. The journal article was easy to follow.

It began with an abstract to introduce the main ideas as well as key words that would be found throughout the reading. The issues of the article were presented next, followed by research and results. Charts and equations were provided to lend a visual hand to some difficult ideas to grasp, leading to easier comprehension.

I do not feel that I will write any journal articles in my future in the retail industry. The authors of this article are all professors, an occupation I will not pursue.

This article looks at that relationship from different aspects. It bases the relationship on factors such as the mood of the customer versus the employee and the perception of how helpful and caring the employee is acting both from customer and employee standpoint.

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This article spoke generally to educated retailers, retail experts and psychologists. It was a study on correlations and the relationships and interaction between customers and employees. Again, being a college student with a focus on psychology as well as retail, I was able to understand nearly all the information presented.

However, the vocabulary is fairly advanced for a layperson to comprehend without carefully reading and analyzing the information. Terms such as interpersonal perception, correlations, variables, and unique encounter effect can easily get hazy when read throughout a substantially long article.

The layout of this article was easy to follow. It, too, began with an abstract describing what was to be encountered in the article. Keywords were also presented to ease the reader into the vocabulary. An introduction came next, followed by breakdowns of the main points in sections.

Results and a discussion came after, and charts and visuals aided the reading. A conclusion came last, which wrapped up the article. This kind of writing is very involved. I will hopefully not be doing this kind of writing in the future. These authors are all professors, and have all obviously worked long and hard on this research.

I am not interested in this type of work within the field. I will be much happier reading, than writing, an article such as this. Will this great new technology make shopping malls obsolete?

This is the main focus of this article. Shopping malls and the Internet are major competitors today.Thesis On Retail Marketing Marketing Management Projects, Thesis Ideas Dissertation Explore Marketing Projects, Advertising Project Topics or Ideas, Sales Based Research Projects, Latest Synopsis Examples, Samples, Structure Abstract, Base Papers Home | Disclaimer: EssayStudio is a custom writing service that provides online on.

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Thesis on retail business

PDF; Text; search this item: Close. This thesis has concentrated on a subject that has been an extremely large and leading one, that is, the managerial impact on small businesses and the underlying reasons being reluctance shown by small business managers to make use of information technology and Internet.

UNDERSTANDING THE KEY DETERMINANTS OF RETAIL SUCCESS by Efua Boaduah Obeng B.S., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A., Duke University, Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of The Katz Graduate School of Business in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of I would also like to thank Darien Totton who.

This thesis concentrates on the process of formulating the business idea rather than implementing the business plan, even though the business plan is an essential part of the study.

Essay: Retail in business - Essay UK Free Essay Database