The reign of king louis xiv

As often as possible they took refuge in their private apartments or nearby royal residences. After a visit from the First Doctor and First Surgeon, the first getting-up ceremony began.

The reign of king louis xiv

Inbefore his fifth birthday, his father died, and Louis inherited the throne of France. Mazarin had guided the nation through the later stages of the Thirty Years' War In this war France struggled against the Habsburg dynasty that ruled Spain for military supremacy in Europe.

Absolute monarch[ change change source ] After Mazarin died inLouis declared that he would rule France without a chief minister, something no French king had done in living memory. He intended to rule as an absolute monarch, believing that his power as king was derived from God and that he was responsible to God alone.

He was obliged to rule for the benefit of his people. While Louis assumed responsibility for decision making, he understood that he must rule within the constraints of the laws and customs of his kingdom. Louis consulted widely with his nobles and ministersand he met weekly with members of his high council.

He created an informal cabinet, which was eventually led by Jean-Baptiste Colbertchief minister of finance.

The reign of king louis xiv

Nevertheless, the system of absolute monarchy emphasized the role of the king, and no monarch was more successful in creating the image of monarchy than Louis XIV. He took the sun as his emblem and connected himself to its radiant image.

Over 30, men worked on constructing the Palace of Versailles, a project that drained the royal treasury for decades. Expenses included not only building but also diverting rivers, piping in fresh water, and planting thousands of orange trees to mask the smell of sewage that could not be properly drained away.

It became a symbol of his Absolute Monarchy. Expansion of French power in Europe[ change change source ] Although Louis dreamed of a Spanish inheritance for his heirs, his military policy was not to expand French territory.

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The French aggression in the Spanish Netherlands caused relations between France and Holland to deteriorate. The Dutch had already fought the Spanish for generations to protect against an invasion of their country.

The reign of king louis xiv

They had no intention of allowing the French to pose the same threat by occupying the territories on their border. The result was war in the Netherlands from toduring which Louis again demonstrated the effectiveness of French might.

In a sweeping campaign, Louis almost succeeded in conquering Holland. To protect themselves, the Dutch opened their dikes, flooded the countryside, and turned Amsterdam into a virtual island. War resumed, however, when Spain and Austria allied themselves with Holland, and Louis signed a treaty with England in to keep the English navy neutral.

Neither side could win a decisive victory, and both suffered from financial exhaustion, which ultimately led to a treaty to end the war. Louis revoked, or ended, the Treaty of Nantes. This means that everybody in France could worship the way they wanted to. Because of this, 50 thousand Protestant workers left France and went to AmericaEnglandand Germany.

While Louis ruled, France became the most powerful country in all of Europe, and many other countries copied the French people's way of dressing and thinking. He also encouraged people to explore Canada, and tried very hard to make France larger.

Louis spent a lot of money on wars, and France went into deep debt because of him.Mazarin was also Louis XIV's godfather and in charge of grooming Louis XIV to rule once he was of age, and Mazarin saw to it that the young king received a .

September 1 marks the th anniversary of the death of King Louis XIV, France’s longest-reigning monarch. Logging 72 years on the throne, Louis eclipsed Queen Victoria by a decade. But this. Watch video · Death of Louis XIV; The reign of France’s Louis XIV (), known as the Sun King, lasted for 72 years, longer than that of .

Louis XIV, also popularly known as the Sun King (5 September –1 September ) was the King of France and King of Navarre from 14 May until his death. He was a king for 72 years. He was a .

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Louis XIV, France's Sun King, had the longest reign in European history (). During this time he brought absolute monarchy to its height, established a glittering court at Versailles, and fought most of the other European countries in four wars.

Louis XIV style, visual arts produced in France during the reign of Louis XIV (–). The man most influential in French painting of the period was Nicolas Poussin. Although Poussin himself lived in Italy for most of his adult life, his Parisian friends commissioned works through which his.

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