The colorful leader of russia peter the great

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The colorful leader of russia peter the great

How Peter the Great Modernized Russia peter the great [quote]Ladies and gentlemen of the court caught sleeping with their boots on will be instantly decapitated. Ina six-foot, seven-inch, year-old Peter Romanov inherited a backwards Russian kingdom and transformed it into an empire that rivaled those of the West.

By the time of his death, Peter Romanov—better known as Peter the Great—set Russia on a trajectory that would one day meet and outstrip the strength of all other European nations.

Without question, this enormous man was enormously important. While the European powers of Spain, Portugal, Britain, and France were already grinding their footprints overseas, exporting Western culture to other continents, the isolated Tsardom of Russia struggled for an identity.

Centuries earlier, before the turn of the millennium, a local east Slavic ethnic group known as the Rus consolidated around the city of Kiev in Eastern Europe. Kieven Russia remained as a sizeable Eastern European entity for several hundred years. By the mid-thirteenth century, however, pressure from an aggressive Asian tribe, the Mongoliansfragmented the Rus, and they were integrated into the Mongolian Empire.

Were they still European if they were governed by an Asian people? Even after the Grand Duchy of Moscow broke away from the disintegrating Mongolian Empire in and unified many of the Russian territories, the new Russian leaders had an easier time acquiring eastern, Asian lands than they did European lands to their west.

Ivan and his successors pushed ever eastward. They crossed the continental divide—the Ural Mountains —and just kept going. As a result, Russia absorbed more and more people who looked less and less European. There were also major cultural differences between Western Europeans and Russians.

In fact, while Russia, in terms of its geography, seemed to be both European and Asian, in terms of its culture, it was often neither. They even slept with their shoes on, a practice considered highly uncivilized by Westerners of the day.

Thus, Russia was neither geographically nor culturally Western. It had Mongolian heritage, most of it lied in Asia, as did millions of Russian Asians. They practiced a different kind of Christianity, wore different clothes, had different habits, and wrote different letters.

Ultimately, by the time of Peter Romanov in the late seventeenth century, Russia had done little to keep up with the modernizing European continent. Technologically and culturally, it fell centuries behind.

It had no Renaissanceno Reformationno Scientific Revolution. Its army and navy lagged woefully behind. Its Orthodox clergy controlled education. There was no quality literature or art of which to speak, no emphasis on mathematics or science. It was a century of a rising merchant class.

Rural peasants moved to growing cities for diverse employment. As serfdom faded away in the West, it was increasing in the Russia inherited by Peter Romanov.

And while Western Europe, with its numerous warm-water ports, sailed the seas and brought in unprecedented profits from subjugated colonies, Russia pushed eastward, finding nothing but icy coasts, frigid taiga, and the remnants of a malformed Mongolian Empire that had relied more on pillaging than infrastructure.

In this case, going eastward was the equivalent of going nowhere, and it seemed to be the only thing the Russians were doing fast. And then came Peter the Great. Inhe inherited sole control over the Russian state.

He determined that the best way to catch the European powers was to become like them. Within a year of his ascension to sole sovereign, an undercover Peter traveled to Europe to learn about it.

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The colorful leader of russia peter the great

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Peter the Great began building St. Petersburg in Named after his patron saint, St. Petersburg would be a "a great window for Russia to look out at Europe." St.

Petersburg quickly became a symbol of Peter the Great's new and more powerful Russia. Peter the Great, however, had other plans. Thanks to him, Russia modernized. The Peterless Ottomans, despite far superior geography, did not. As Russia eventually joined the great powers of Europe, the Ottoman Empire steadily weakened, disintegrated, and lost land to surrounding nations, including Russia.

The colorful leader of russia peter the great

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