Social studies sba 2 essay

How do persons in your community control or reduce the acts of Juvenile Delinquents? They let the authorities handle it B. They take matters into their own hands C.

Social studies sba 2 essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Social Studies Sba on Poverty Name: Ferncourt High school Candidate: Unemployment within the community of Browns Town Table of Contents Chapter one 1 Acknowledgement Introduction Statement of the problem Reasons for selecting area of research Method of investigation Chapter two 2 Instruments used in data collection Procedures for data collection Chapter three 3 Presentation of data Chapter four 4 Social studies sba 2 essay and interpretations of data Chapter five 5 Statement of findings Recommendations and implementation strategy Bibliography Introduction Browns Town is a small community located in St Ann Jamaica.

The Researcher has decided to conduct a research to find the major causes, and effects of unemployment, and also to find the solutions to the problem. Acknowledgement The Researcher would like to thank following persons for their help in the completion of this research.

My teacher, Miss Reid for her guidance.

Social studies sba 2 essay

The researcher would also like to thank his mother and fellow classmates, for their kind support and encouragement. Method of investigation The researcher has decided to use printed questionnaire as a means of collecting data.

Social studies sba 2 essay

According to the oxford dictionary, a questionnaire is a set of printed questions for completing a survey. The advantages of using the questionnaires are as follows: This is not a test; answer all questions as truthfully as possible.

Place a tick at the appropriate answer or fill out where necessary. Male Female 2 What age group do you belong? Male Female 6 What is the major cause of unemployment? Yes No 12 Give reasons for your answer in 11 above. Yes No 15 What can the community do to reduce the high level of unemployment?

A total of ten questionnaires were given to randomly selected respondents. Of these ten 10 respondents, four 4 were males and six 6 were females. The respondents lived in the area one 1 to ten 10 years. Some of the questionnaires were immediately completed and returned while others were collected the following day.

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All 10 questionnaires were completed and returned. A pie chart showing the responses question 4. Bar graph showing the responses to question 6. What is the major cause of unemployment in Browns Town? A Bar Graph showing the responses to question 8. A pie chart showing the responses question Do you believe enough is being done to lessen unemployment?

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A table showing the responses to Question 9. How do you believe unemployment affect the community? A Bar Graph showing the responses to question A Table showing the responses to Question What can the community do to reduce the high level of unemployment?

Analysis and interpretation of Data According to google. The research has also revealed that unemployment has many causes. Unemployment affects families in the community in many ways. Unemployment affects the community in many ways also.

Based on the responses of the respondents, there are many things that the community can do to reduce the high level of unemployment. As illustrated in figure 7 which show the responses to question number This problem is having a negative effect on the community and should not be allowed to increase, based on the other social issues to which it contributes.

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The researcher believes the following steps should be taken to solve the problem The government should ensure that all students leaving secondary schools get the opportunity to go to college or get a skill by having a special fund for this purpose.

The government can also invite other Caribbean nations to set up businesses in the country to create employment for studies fields. Some questions are based on interpreting stimulus material such as written passages, maps, charts, graphs, tables, cartoons, diagrams, and photographs.

The three equally weighted short-answer/essay questions will focus on important historical events and issues, as well as on fundamental social studies concepts.

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