Robin hood outlaw or hero research paper

The latter has been part of the legend since at least the later 15th century, when he is mentioned in a Robin Hood play script. This view first gained currency in the 16th century. The oldest surviving ballad, Robin Hood and the Monkgives even less support to the picture of Robin Hood as a partisan of the true king.

Robin hood outlaw or hero research paper

Michael Drayton, from Poly-Olbion [], song 26, lines Preface: Was Robin Hood Real? Robin Hood is a part of our popular culture, and has been for over years.

This outlaw of medieval England has seemingly appeared everywhere. Medieval chroniclers like Andrew of Wyntoun c. Scholars have long searched for the origin of Robin Hood, for an identifiable, historical outlaw in the Sherwood or Barnsdale area. Sloth suggests songs of Robin Hood are widely known in taverns, implying he is a popular figure without a literary pedigree.

Robin hood outlaw or hero research paper

Clearly, Robin Hood is of no importance to the aristocracy, but he holds some currency in popular circles. Later texts similarly present Robin as a popular figure, and few strictly medieval documents featuring Robin survive.

Robin and his fellows were a popular subject in early printed texts, with their low price and wide appeal, and it is in the early days of printing that he finally comes into his own as a literary figure. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, antiquarians were especially invested in finding the sources of their national culture and heroes, and Robin proved to be of special interest to the English.

They not only reviewed these early plays and poems for clues to the historical identity of the figure, but also scoured historical and legal records to find any information that may have led to a proof for his identity.

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Despite the efforts of authors like P. Valentine Harris see case 5no verifiable Robin Hood emerged from the historical record. Today, most scholars accept Robin as a literary invention, based in part on other figures like Gamelyn and Fouke fitz Waryn, as well as real-life outlaws.

Any search for the ideal Robin Hood, a dispossessed noble who robs from the rich to give to the poor, is doomed to failure. That Robin is a modern figure whose individual characteristics were added in different stages, which are roughly represented in this exhibit.

Robin hood outlaw or hero research paper

The earliest appearances of Robin are at odds with this romantic notion, as Robin is a violent yeoman who steals from the dishonest and helps those whom he pleases.

Perhaps the one constant feature of the legend is his placement in the center of England, in the Sherwood and Barnsdale area.

This first case presents some of the venues in which Robin Hood appears. The earliest tales of Robin Hood largely focus on Robin encountering someone in the forest, and either fighting with them or inviting them to dine, after which they would be asked to pay for their dinner.

An Introduction to the English Outlaw Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press,p. Were the tune not well-known, it would have been included or not mentioned at all. Pyle also set the standard for later illustrators, as can be seen in other items in this display see, especially, Gilbert in case 5.

The Nineteenth Century Although various texts and performances appeared in the early modern period, the nineteenth century featured an explosion in the popularity of Robin Hood. Authors like Joseph RitsonSir Walter Scott and Thomas Love Peacock bothand Pierce Egan all featured Robin Hood in their works, either momentarily as in Scottor as a featured character, and the period ends with Pyle starting a new trend in Robin Hood stories.

Ritson published Robin Hood: This collection of tales showed more sensitivity to the original works and used more scholarly notes than versions of the Robin Hood tales previously published. It was a big hit and kindled a new interest in Robin Hood. Many novels and performances featured Robin in a leading or supporting role.

Originally a serial publication, this collected edition presents some Robin Hood ballads as an appendix to the text. Printed for the booksellers, [—]. Printed like broadsheets, this text would likely be bound by the purchaser, sometimes with other short texts.

Since it has no cover, and indeed fits entirely on one sheet of paper, the publication costs are low, and this text was likely more affordable by a popular audience. Robin Hood, or, Maid Marion: A Comic Opera in Three Acts.

While this very popular opera dominated the American stage, with regular performances throughit was not successful in Britain. Smith for a sequel titled Maid Marian He remained a staple of the performing arts, with new plays, operas, and songs created about him, but he was perhaps most readily adopted by the new medium of film.

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Preface: Was Robin Hood Real? Robin Hood is a part of our popular culture, and has been for over years. This outlaw of medieval England . Reading Group Guide.

The introduction, discussion questions, author biography, and suggested reading list that follow are designed to enhance your group's reading of Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly hope they will provide you with new ways of thinking and talking about a novel that vividly re-creates the life of Australia's most famous and most fascinating outlaw.

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