Resolve to evolve essay scholarship 2012

America faces a crisis in higher learning.

Resolve to evolve essay scholarship 2012

Through image marketing, research, and advocacy, male nurses are increasing their presence at the bedside as well as in today's culture. Mention the word "nurse" and who comes to mind? Maybe she's a nurse of antiquity, dressed in white, wearing a cap in the shape of a winged angel, holding someone's hand.

Maybe she's wearing bright cheerful scrubs, running a hospital floor.

Resolve to evolve essay scholarship 2012

This lasting female stereotype, many would argue, has served nursing well over the past century. Nurses are associated with the "feminine" qualities desirable in caregivers; they are nurturing, patient, even maternal. Yet, from the Nightingale-esque pictures that pop up in a Google Image search to the crowds of female nurses in every hospital-themed television show, these images reinforce a societal belief that nursing is, and should remain, a female-dominated profession.

Today, while open degradation of minority social groups has lessened, male nurses continue to be ridiculed. The media is rife with recent examples, as male nurses remain fair game.

For example, in the movie Meet the Parents, the main character is a male nurse named Gaylord Focker, carrying not-so-subtle connotations. During a recent episode of the popular television series Glee, lead character Sue Sylvester, an antagonistic cheerleading coach, says, "A female football coach, like a male nurse, is a sin against nature.

Deborah Burton, Executive Director of the OCN at the time, says their mission became one of "let's see if we can find some stereotypically male practicing nurses who look male, act male, and love nursing.

Resolve to evolve essay scholarship 2012

The OCN poster campaign and others since have helped create a dialogue between counselors and potential male nurses. But that was just the beginning. At both the and American Assembly for Men in Nursing AAMN national conferences, attendees' feedback consistently noted a wish for more discussions concerning ways to change the image of men in nursing in both recruitment and retention areas.

They believed nursing recruitment efforts needed to evolve from asking men if they were masculine enough to be a nurse to something less gender specific. They introduced the theme "Do what you love and you'll love what you do. This idea would eventually become the 20 X 20 Choose Nursing campaign, an effort to "de-genderify" nursing, making it a life choice in concert with someone's personal strengths and interests.

After all, the ability to care, empathize, and nurture are not female-only personality traits.

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In the spring ofthe AAMN affirmed this decision in their five-year strategic plan by building the AAMN brand as "one that focuses on the knowledge and competencies of men in nursing rather than on gender.

This implies that nursing isn't at odds with what men value in a career, but instead that recruitment into the profession continues to be impacted by social context. The campaign encompasses the following three phases. Each poster also bears the call to action "Nursing: We've Been Expecting You.

Each poster creates a call to action in several ways. By featuring real nurses doing relatable things, a connection is established between the viewer and that nurse. In addition, the poster invites the viewer to learn more about nursing in general.student was awarded the Karl S.

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