Pharaoh by jackie french

The Boy Who Conquered the Nile A tale of travel and emotional journeys set against the exotic civilisation of Egypt before the time of the Pharaohs. Prince Narmer is fourteen and, as his father's favourite, destined to be King. Despite his father's warnings, Narmer loves to go hunting alone and one day he meets an 'oracle' not far from his home in Thisis. Although he doesn't realise at the time, this is a meeting that will change his life forever.

Pharaoh by jackie french

Now her latest novel looks at one of our earliest recorded moments of history. All of history is interesting if you look closely enough. These are books that parents can be happy to have children of any age absorbed in. However, French avoids any form of sensationalism, and allows the richness of her characterisation, and her obvious belief in the common humanity binding Pharaoh to a modern day schoolchild, to work its magic.

In Pharaoh Prince Narmer is heir to the throne of Thinis.

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Well researched, and beautifully characterised, Pharaoh is, at its heart, a story about coming of age—about growing from youth to maturity.

It touches on all the big themes — beauty below the skin, honesty, courage, understanding, and the nature of change, both psychological and global. Narmer leant against the cool stone and closed his eyes. He felt exhausted already. Even though he had been sitting up this past moon, even trying a few cautious steps, it was far more tiring to brace his body against the jiggling of the litter for hours at a time.

It was like a dream, thought Narmer, as servant after servant brought in bales of panther skin, fragrant wood carved into delicate boxes, beads of lapis lazuli and turquoise, the bronze plates he now knew as mirrors, heaps of myrrh resin, slabs of ebony wood, piles of elephant tusk, small bowls filled with a strange, almost green-coloured gold, the rarest in the world, curls of cinnamon bark, khesyt wood, small coloured jars of incense, and eye cosmetics.

If so, there are a few recipes at the back of the book for the full sensual experience. My copy even came with a packet of dates so I could make date bread, which is, incidentally, quite delicious. There are also notes on the text and a quick timeline history of the Middle East.

This is an exciting, easy to read, and edifying book which is suitable for all ages.Pharaoh: the boy who conquered the Nile (By Jackie French) Essay Topic: Did Narmer potray the qualities of a true King?

In the novel ‘Pharaoh’ written by Jackie, Narmer did portray the qualities of . The children's novel Pharaoh by Jackie French deals with events in the court of King Scorpion, and the rivalry between his sons Narmer and Prince Hawk.

References ^ Hannig , . The children's novel Pharaoh by Jackie French deals with events in the court of King Scorpion, and the rivalry between his sons Narmer and Prince Hawk. See also Pharaoh. Find great deals for Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile by Jackie French (Paperback, ).

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Pharaoh by jackie french

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