Management challenges in criminal justice essay

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Management challenges in criminal justice essay

Courts are composed of prosecution teams, some of which specialize in specified criminal cases. Corrections are comprised of management that stresses both rehabilitation and incarceration as ordered by Management challenges in criminal justice essay courts. All of these organizations are composed of personnel trained as basic officers, then were chosen to be a part of a smaller, elite, and pinpointed organized group.

Management in a criminal Justice agencies is a challenge all its wan, managing smaller groups that carry specified responsibility within an organization carry different set of challenges. The criminal Justice system is an environment that consists of law enforcement, courts, and corrections, though all are different entities, they strive to meet the same goal.

The leadership within each of these entities has many challenges to face and conquer, one of which is that each has a different protocol when meeting the same goal of serving Justice, yet each must accomplish this mission by different means. The challenge is the means by which each of the different branches is tasked to rove and execute their Judiciary authority while maintaining a freedom of society.

One challenge that is faced by management within the criminal Justice system lies between the courts and the correctional branches. The challenge between the courts and correctional branches is the court system favors incarceration and the correctional system emphasizes rehabilitation back to society.

The common ground between these two branches is the teamwork between leadership that ensures the mission of each is completed and thou out compromise of societies trust in the criminal Justice system.

Another challenge that management within such a vast system faces is budget shortages. These shortages affect all branches of the criminal Justice system as well all levels including local, state, and federal authorities.

Management within these organizations is expected by society to provide adequate protection though their operating budgets are being decreased.

Managers must find a motivation for their employees to complete tasks without incentive or praise while increasing responsibilities due to lack of potential man-power.

Challenges such as ethnic environmental changes around the globe also have an effect on the criminal Justice system both in this country and abroad. These changes brought about situations that the criminal Justice system was not prepared for; at the top of this concern is terrorism.

Larger concerns were raised and changes demanded after September 1 1,when the most deadly terror attack in this country was spawned.

Management challenges in criminal justice essay

The question was raised concerning the country being adequately protected against terror attacks of that magnitude. Confusion within the laws that were created from past terror attacks have led to accusations of innocent persons being part of terror organizations. Confusion arises because of a structure that allows for terrorists to slip through cracks and loopholes within the system Wilson, This confusion causes leaders within the law enforcement community to balance the sides of the system that society has lost faith in.

These managers would need to address issues, such as stereotyping of Middle Eastern persons and persons of questionable faiths that society may associate with terror organizations.

These leaders would need to encourage fair and unbiased treatment regardless of ethnically differences. A challenge that affects the criminal justice system, preferably the correctional branch, is facility overcrowding. Prison overcrowding is a major problem in this country as the massive bed shortage continues to grow at a rate of seven percent a year Daniel Dunne, Overcrowding in prisons and Jails area a constant issue due to the work of the law enforcement and court branches, in short, doing their Jobs of incarceration and sentencing.The Criminal Justice System has many components that make up its system.

The police, corrections, and the courts all play the role and act together in trying to The Criminal Justice System Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw.

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Students can save on their education by taking the online, self-paced courses and earn widely transferable college credit recommendations for a fraction of the cost of a traditional course. There are many challenges that leaders face in criminal justice organizations.

Some of these challenges include increased criminal activity, staffing, budgeting, legal and political, terrorism, conflict and power, communication, and ethical and moral issues.

Most of these challenges relate to other challenges.

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