Lyme the silent killer

My family goes camping in the Sierra Nevedas every summer every since I was I did not know what lymes diease actually was until I GOT it. Several years ago my older sister developed a rash but didn't know what it was. Years passed and she got really sick with all kinds of weird neuro and musculoskeletal symptoms

Lyme the silent killer

Print this page As anyone familiar with the virus knows, Hepatitis C does not discriminate. A highly successful British businesswoman and founder of The Body Shop, has publicly announced that she is living with HCV, which has progressed to cirrhosis of the liver.

Roddick suffering from Hepatitis C www. The year-old contracted the disease through a blood transfusion while giving birth to her youngest daughter, Sam, inand is now suffering cirrhosis of the liver, one of its long-term effects.

I had no idea that I had this virus. I was having routine blood tests when it showed up. It makes me even more determined to just get on with things. It is transmitted by infected blood and people who share needles are particularly at risk. Unprotected sex as well as sharing toothbrushes and razors also carries a small risk.

Dame Anita called for more public money to be spent on raising awareness of the disease, saying: An estimated 4, people are living with cirrhosis of the liver or serious liver failure in That figure is expected to rise to 10, by Lyme disease is disease transmitted by the deer tick also known as the black legged tick.

It is caused by an infection called Borrelia Burgdorferi which is a type of bacterium called a spirochete.

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The deer tick can transmit the spirochetes to humans and other animals causing them to . A&E doctors soon discovered she had sepsis - often branded the 'silent killer' Avril Lavigne details her battle with Lyme disease in Head Above Water. A widespread and silent killer that s worse for your health than alcohol, nicotine and many drugs is likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets right now.

It is monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that s known widely as an addition to Chinese food, but that s actually added to thousands of the foods you and your family regularly eat, especially if you are like most Americans and eat the. My sister is a nurse practitioner.

No one knew what she had until she did research after research and had her blood sent to major testing labs in San Jose and it turned out she was positive for's been on antiobiotics ever this year when she couldn't do it anymore and stopped.

Lyme the silent killer

lyme info - lyme disease symptoms, treatment, prevention - Lyme Disease Info details the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses.

the "silent killer" that affects more than 60 million Americans. luis royo - wikipedia - Luis Royo (born ) is a Spanish artist born in Olalla, a village in.

The particles in carbon monoxide are so similar but do different to oxygen, that the body is tricked by it and replaces the oxygen in you're blood with it, resulting in, lack of oxygen, but you have no idea bout it, this is why it is called the silent killer.

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