Implementing multicultural education essay

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Implementing multicultural education essay

Social Sciences and Humanities Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the impediment in implementing multicultural education in case of Wollega Zone in Oromia Ethiopia. Using the survey method, data were collected from5 educational experts, 10 school principals, 51 teachers and students.

Implementing multicultural education essay

Students were selected randomly by using simple random sampling techniques and educational experts, school principals and teachers were selected by availability sampling method. Questionnaires, interview, and observation were used. As data collection tools the collected data were analyzed in terms of frequencies, percentages, and interpreted by words.

The findings indicated that respondents were highly aware of multicultural education, but they were not implemented into educational practices from multicultural perspective.

As the indicated that the lack of skills, Knowledge, attitude, inadequacy of multicultural education materials, and discrimination based on prejudices, ethnocentrism, politics, and religion view were the major impediment hindering implementation of multicultural education.

Diversity in the Classroom

The study also revealed some strategies of implementing multicultural issues in schools. Such issues are, establishing various clubs which used to create awareness and create positive attitude toward diversity issuescreate equal opportunity for all students, empowering students in all activities, giving workshop for teachers on services and in-services, reducing discrimination and educating society about issues of multicultural education.

In light of these findings, it is recommended that teachers have to encourage students in practicing, respecting, and appreciating diversity. Learning and teaching process has also to incorporate reflective diversity into teaching from multicultural education perspective. Moreover, school principals, Oromia education bureau, and ministry of education should have created different strategies or mechanisms for fostering of multicultural education and create a means in order to minimize discrimination.

Finally, ways of improving students and teachers educational practices from multicultural perspectives and organizing panel discussion with regards to diversity issues through media and giving due attention for practical parts were recommended.There were no critical or elaborated ideas on the challenges and opportunities to implement multicultural education programs.

Recommendations. James A.

Implementing multicultural education essay

Banks, a specialist in multicultural education, has developed the five dimensions of multicultural education. Introduction to Multicultural Education Multicultural education relates to education and instruction which is intended for the cultures of different races in the educational system Show .

A brief, highly readable overview of the important concepts, principles, theories, and practices of multicultural education Presenting need-to-know information in a concise, highly readable style, An Introduction to Multicultural Education helps busy pre-service and practicing educators increase.

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