Helicopter lab

Helicopter Lab Exercise 1:

Helicopter lab

Based on your research, what are the main parts of a helicopter? What is the purpose of the rotor on the tail of a helicopter?

How does air flow over an airfoil? Retrieved July 20,from http: Four Forces on an Airplane. Retrieved August 13,from http: News Feed on This Topic, Note: A computerized matching algorithm suggests the above articles. Learn more about the News Feed Materials and Equipment Remote-controlled helicopter; available at toy stores, large department stores and online It should be able to fly for at least 10 minutes between charges.

The Paper Helicopter Experiment - Project Task

It should also be safe to fly near people, since there is a good chance that the helicopter could hit your helper while he or she is taking tachometer readings.

Digital tachometer, available from Amazon. Digital scale accurate to 0. Gloves, for protection from the rotor blades Stopwatch Helpers 3, in addition to you Lab notebook Optional: Science Buddies occasionally provides information such as part numbers, supplier names, and supplier weblinks to assist our users in locating specialty items for individual projects.

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Helicopter lab

Write to us at scibuddy sciencebuddies. In order to get good data, you will need to be able to fly the helicopter in a controlled way. In particular, you will need to be able to make it move up and down at different rates. You will also need to work out the best way to obtain readings from the tachometer and the rate of ascent and descent as the helicopter is flying.

Helicopter lab

Carrying out the experiments will involve some creative problem solving. Preparing for Testing Assemble your remote-controlled helicopter.

Helicopter Crate • Rust Labs Helicopter factors Designing the Experiment Statisticians and Six Sigma black belts should know how to set up and perform the calculations in a designed experiment by hand; however, computer programs make DoE a much simpler task, particularly for people who need to perform experiments only occasionally. For this experiment, we will use a 2-level factorial which can handle from two to fifteen different factors.

Practice flying the helicopter so that you can make it hover, move vertically up, and move vertically down. Place the helicopter on the ground in a flat spot. Place the tape measure near the helicopter.

Pull the tape out to 2 meters m. Lock the tape measure open so that it makes a 2-m vertical measuring standard. You may need to stabilize the tape measure; for example, by placing it near a wall and attaching it to the wall with adhesive tape.

Bring the helicopter to a hovering position at about 0. With the helicopter hovering about 0. Some tachometers are sensitive to the 60 cycles per second "flicker" in artificial lights.

If the tachometer is affected by artificial light, take your readings outdoors, or indoors in an area with sunlight.To sum everything up, I have them do a mini lab called "Helicopter Lab." I adapted it from an elementary experiment for my high school kids.

I just wanted a really fast, short activity for them to do. I went through the independent, dependent, control variables with them and they seemed to understand it.

Descent of a Paper Helicopter BACKGROUND: The scientific method involves the investigation of a question or problem by setting up an experiment to test n hypothesis.

A hypothesis is a statement of what a student thinks will happen as a result of the experiment. experiment is a paper helicopter with no paper clips added. The students can typically clearly envision the idea of a control.

The Paper Helicopter Experiment - Project Task

Further discussion of a control should address the necessity of a control to validate that changes seen in the experimental group can be attributed to the independent. View Lab Report - Helicopter Lab Report from VP at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Helicopter Lab Hend Darwish 8A Science Research Question: At what speed will the helicopter fall by adding more.

This activity is an experimental investigation (requiring very few materials: Paper, paper clips or other materials to be used as weights, markers) in which students use paper helicopters to examine types of variables and how to manipulate variables in experimental design.

A helicopter from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island was able to retrieve the hiker's body early Sunday morning. Officials aren't sure what happened yet, since the man's companions are still hiking out.

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