Good manager versus bad manager

Leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing. But they are necessarily linked, and complementary.

Good manager versus bad manager

Want to start a startup? Get funded by Y Combinator. July One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people. Meetings cost them more.

There are two types of schedule, which I'll call the manager's schedule and the maker's schedule.

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The manager's schedule is for bosses. It's embodied in the traditional appointment book, with each day cut into one hour intervals.

You can block off several hours for a single task if you need to, but by default you change what you're doing every hour. When you use time that way, it's merely a practical problem to meet with someone.

Find an open slot in your schedule, book them, and you're done. Most powerful people are on the manager's schedule. It's the schedule of command. But there's another way of using time that's common among people who make things, like programmers and writers.

They generally prefer to use time in units of half a day at least. You can't write or program well in units of an hour. That's barely enough time to get started. When you're operating on the maker's schedule, meetings are a disaster.

A single meeting can blow a whole afternoon, by breaking it into two pieces each too small to do anything hard in. Plus you have to remember to go to the meeting. That's no problem for someone on the manager's schedule. There's always something coming on the next hour; the only question is what.

Good manager versus bad manager

But when someone on the maker's schedule has a meeting, they have to think about it.Good Boss Versus Bad Boss The divergence between good bosses and bad bosses comes down to compassion.

A good boss is able to show compassion in many different forms by creating trusting relationships and acting in a selfless way. Here are signs you are a bad manager. Let’s face it: everyone has, in his or her career, had at least one lousy manager.

Perhaps the manager is unwilling to help his employees grow. Perhaps she’s a ridiculous micro-manager. Some I thought he was a good manager, but it turns out, I was wrong. He was horrible. Before you borrow money, it’s worth knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt. Some things are worth going into debt for, others can leave you in a big financial mess.

You are blessed if you have a good boss. It is easy to tell who is a good manager. But often you may not be able to differentiate between the good and bad traits of managers if you do not have.

In Review: Good vs Bad Project Managers. In this video, Jennifer presented 13 ways that you can evaluate your project management performance to establish whether you fall into the category of “good” project manager. Sep 27,  · When I was growing up, cholesterol used to be bad for you.

What four things separate good managers from bad managers? Published on September 4, ; Giving positive reinforcement is the most powerful coaching tool you have as a manager. Mention the. Decisions are the heart of success and at times there are critical moments when they can be difficult, perplexing and nerve racking. This side provides useful and practical guidance for making efficient and effective decisions in both public and private life. A good manager has organization skills, people management, and professionalism, a bad manager struggles with these skills. Paragraph I The ability to be a good manager depends on great organizational skills.

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