Essay example about beatles

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Essay example about beatles

George Harrison and Ringo Starr would eventually replace Sutcliffe and Best The "Beatles" started as just another teenage British rock group, but they slowly worked their way up to become one of the most influential groups in Rock history. Stuart Sutcliffe center Essay example about beatles drummer Pete Best is not shown in the picture.

The first big gig for the Beatles was in Hamburg, Germany, which lasted about two years. Then, Brian Epstein, a record store manager, discovered them. At this time the members were not the ones who later became the most famous rock musicians in the world. Stuart later left the band for love, and then died of a brain hemorrhage, and Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as drummer.

A shot of the Beatles walking down the street After many tryouts, and searches for a deal, the Beatles finally landed a record spot with EMI records under the watchful eye of producer George Martin, and the management of Brian Epstein. Then, they took England by storm.

One of their two appearences on the Ed Sullivan Show. Once they became famous they wanted to help other young artists and performers, so they created their own record company called Apple Records. But like every band, they had many problems. After a long successful six years, things just seemed to start falling apart, and the Beatles finally broke up.

Essay example about beatles

This caused great heartache for their fans. John was the first Beatle to leave the band, and was followed shortly by Paul.

All four of the mop-top group created their own records and sold many solo albums, but none ever recapureed their original popularity.

Another shot of the Beatles performing. The Beatles had a major impact on the world, and how it is today. They brought the love of British rock and roll to the American public and after them many other British groups became famous in the United States.

It is sometimes called "The British Invasion. The Beatles were famous during the time of the Vietnam War, and they used their lyrics to express their political, social, and spiritual beliefs. This music brought an entire generation together. They changed the way people dressed, the way people looked, and the way people felt about one another.The Beatles were at a real high point in and , and Billboard’s Number One Hits website has some other groups of that time.

In my first comparison, I looked at the music of The Rolling Stones. - The Beatles The group that I picked to be an example of a particular type of music is The Beatles.

The Beatles included George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Richard Starkey, other wise known as Ringo Starr. The Beatles are one of the most powerful, famous, and influential band in Rock and Roll history.

Through their ten years of existence, and nineteen albums, they stretched pop music to its boundaries, producing some of the best music from their generation/5(3).

The Beatles Essay. The Beatles Since their early beginnings in Liverpool, England, The Beatles went on to live out their dreams as a rock band and eventually became the most popular and influential rock group of all time - The Beatles Essay introduction. The band started out in and was since composed of the “fab four” quartet of George Harrison on lead guitar and vocals, John Lennon.

For example, the tragic death of John Lennon taught people how truly important life is, and how people think differently. The remaining three Beatles still write and perform their music, and are amoung the most respected artist in music.

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Essay example about beatles

The Beatles, can be considered as a band that is full of.

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