E r richardson timber products corporation case study solution

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E r richardson timber products corporation case study solution

Homework help from our online tutors - BrainMass. Richardson Timber Products Corporation in Papoose, Oregon, was seeking guidance concerning the possibility of a motivational course presentation for its employees.

Richard Bowman, the industrial relations officer, had been informed that Jack Lawler would be a good contact for creating this situation. After the contact was made, Bowman informed Lawler that the plant exhibited low morale and that a fatality had occurred at the plant in recent months.

He also shared with him that "the plant manager was a bit authoritative. Richardson, was supportive of the idea. Lawler went on to say that more information was needed before he could adequately make a decision concerning an appropriate course of action and felt that a meeting with Richardson and Bowman should first take place.

A meeting was decided upon, and Lawler explained that a diagnosis of the situation needed to first be conducted. Within a matter of days, Lawler responded to Richard Bowman and presented three alternatives: All parties "agreed that a more adequate diagnosis was probably a useful first step.

This information would then later be shared in class, and the seminar participants would participate in making the desired diagnosis. Before the actual field experience took place, Lawler presented his class with "an organization chart on the blackboard that showed the various segments of the corporation and the lamination businessincluding the personal and main work groups.

He explained to the class that the company was a family owned corporation consisting of a logging operation, a lumber mill, the laminating plant, and a mill located in the eastern part of Oregon. He informed them that the laminating plant which is the focal point of the diagnosis resembled a long airplane hangar and that the finished products produced at this plant are "long, laminated wood roof trusses or beams like you sometimes see in supermarkets and arenas.

This description allowed the students to realize the weight involved of the finished product produced at the laminating plant. The beams were stacked at one end of the plant as high as fifteen feet and, at times, have to be transported to different parts of the plant for needed specifications - not an easy task.

He emphasized high noise level due to varying machines. Tools were stacked everywhere and maneuverability on the floor presented difficulty.

Lawler had the class divide itself into two groups with Mike and Mitch at the center with the intent of helping to prepare them for their given task.

Lawler decided that he and his students would meet for lunch and would then summarize what they had so far learned. Lawler stressed the value of note taking and shared his opinion that the more notes taken, the better.

On the drive home, Mike and Mitch were to dictate their information using their notes. When back at his office, Jack Lawler focused on the Richardson file by reviewing the notes taken by both him and his students so that he would be prepared for his upcoming meeting with Richardson and Bowman.

His notes stated that the quality of the material used at the plant was described as being only mid-range. Turnover was definitely a huge issue because from his own notes, Lawler read: Overall, from his notes, Jack read that the supervisors were basically described as just plodding along.

Turnover, accidents, and the recent fatality have given the plant a bad reputation within the community setting. The one thing that was in its favor was that it was considered to be economically successful.

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Bulletin boards posted outside of the office had all sorts of information attached to it and a blackboard in the lunchroom had jokes and congratulations among other things written on it.

The notes showed a total disregard for computer use and awkward phone coverage. Follow up on sales was said to be weak, and a lack of supervision over key people was also mentioned.B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case study 1.

For the following people in the case, list the comments and observations of the employees and consultants using a table.

E r richardson timber products corporation case study solution

B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case Study By Julie Woody 10/25/ Organizational Development HRM In the B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation case study, Richard Bowman, who was in charge of industrial relations at the company, contacted Jack Lawler, an Organizational Development Practitioner, as he was looking for.

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The Portfolio Project is due at the end of Module 8. For the Portfolio Project, you will analyze and synthesize data acquired from the Integrative Case, B.R.

Richardson Timber Products Corporation (pp. of the /5(K). PapersMart is the best custom essay writing solution B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case Analysis you. I have a lot of friends who practice Wicca. Different in romeo love their. In the B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation case study, Richard Bowman, who was in charge of industrial relations at the company, contacted Jack Lawler, an Organizational Development Practitioner, as he was looking for someone to conduct a “motivation course” for .

They later moved into the contracting stage as they decided to complete an organizational diagnosis.R. Lawler was able to create an effective learning experience for his students and present a cost efficient solution to B.

Richardson Timber Products Corporation was the subject of an organizational development case study for Professor Jack.

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