An analysis of the topic of the desperate times and desperate measures

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An analysis of the topic of the desperate times and desperate measures

A sample Decision Tree, available in.

An analysis of the topic of the desperate times and desperate measures

I remember my first mediation decision tree. It was late in the day, just before impasse, and our mediator was desperate to show my client and me that we had misvalued the case.

As he sketched it for us the approach made sense, but that was no time to pick up a new technique. His effort ended no different than most attempts to learn about decision trees on the fly — with a confused client, a frustrated mediator and a lawyer about to change the subject.


Fifteen years later I know the value of a decision tree and, just as important, how to really use one — in connection with settlement discussions and as a part of an Early Case Assessment before settlement talks begin. Knowing what a decision tree is and how to diagram yours will be worth the investment.

What Is a Decision Tree Anyway? A decision tree can eliminate this latent disconnect. Listing the various possible events which might occur in the course of litigation or beyond ; Considering the costs or gains associated with each possibility; Discounting each possibility by its probability-estimated likelihood that it will occur; and Evaluating the overall picture by multiplying each possibility by its probability.

Consider the Costs of Each Possible Outcome. Add these amounts together for each branch, and list them on the tree. Do a Little Math.

Simply calculate the value of each ultimate outcome, which is the cost of that particular result times the chances that it will occur, and add up all these figures to arrive at a final value. By the way, that mediator who introduced me to my first decision tree had a point — a point that would have been better understood on mediation day if I had really known how to leverage decision trees in settlement discussions before I got there.

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Try a decision tree in your next case.Results from a new study may lead to approval of what could be the first drug that ameliorates potentially deadly reactions in children with severe peanut allergies.

Election results from California Secretary of State Overview Education bonds in California. Between and , 42 education-related bond measures have appeared on the ballot in California, and all of them were legislatively referred. Their eyes meet a few times across the table and it gives Dean a chill.

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