A prediction on the future of high definition television

Ancient forecasting[ edit ] For millennia people have tried to forecast the weather.

A prediction on the future of high definition television

Of course, some actually claim to be able to foresee future events, but these people almost invariably turn out to be full of crap. Modern displays and movie streaming in Inbeloved movie critic Roger Ebert gave an interview for Omni magazine in which he was asked a pretty simple question: His answer probably sounded like that of a chin-scratching intellectual then; it sounds like the words of a damn prophet today: Videocassette tapes as we know them now will be obsolete both for showing prerecorded movies and for recording movies.

With this revolution in delivery and distribution, anyone, in any size town or hamlet, will see the movies he or she wants to see. This was a time when the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen in widescreen home video releases were often thought by consumers to be a defect.

A prediction on the future of high definition television

In Januarytheir culture editor Elena Sheppard was assigned to live blog the Golden Globe Awards, and pulled off a feat of prognostication that nobody on record ever has before. Of course, part of the assignment was speculating on which films and TV shows would take home which prizes—and as with the Oscars and Emmys, there are always odd choices among the no-brainer wins.

Professional people who are paid to make these kind of predictions, yet somehow fail to do so with complete accuracy year after year. We have a few questions to ask Elena in advance of our trip to Las Vegas. Heinlein will not be the only science fiction author on this list; authors in that genre are of course known for looking into the future and extrapolating what it might hold.

Heinlein certainly had his share of speculations about the future which turned out to be pretty accurate—but a couple of them were mind-bogglingly specific. This is, of course, a perfect description of the nuclear arms race and the Cold War, which kicked off after the US deployed nuclear weapons against Japan in His novel Stranger In a Strange Land contained a detailed description of such a bed—so detailed that the eventual inventor of the waterbed had trouble getting it patented.

Team he would play pro football for as a nine-year-old. Colin Kaepernick was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers inand spent his entire rookie season on the bench behind Alex Smith, who was having a breakout year; the Niners would eventually lose the NFC Championship to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

He predicted it when he was a grade schooler. The iPad and online newspapers in Famed science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke employed an unprecedented collaborative process with Stanley Kubrick to complete the film and novel versions of One bizarrely accurate prediction makes a prominent appearance in both: Each had its own two-digit reference.


When he punched that, a postage-sized rectangle would expand till it neatly filled the screen and he could read it with comfort. When he finished he could flash back to the complete page and select a new subject for detailed examination.

The RIAA shaking down radio stations in The satirical newspaper The Onion is a fantastic source of hilarity of both the intentional and non-intentional varieties. Not only is the publication reliably funny on purpose, but there have been numerous recent instances of non-US news organizations—ones that are presumably mystified by Western satire—picking up Onion stories and reporting on them as if they were fact.

The premise is, of course, ridiculous—at least it was, until At around the same time the RIAA announced it was ceasing action against individuals if only because they were proving unprofitablethey began to make noise about radio broadcasting being: Nobody listens to the radio for the commercials.

So far the RIAA has been unsuccessful in most of their wildly varied attempts at extortion, but not for lack of trying. Touchscreen devices and Siri in As you may be able to predict sorrythe accuracy gets more and more unsettling throughout.

During his work, the professor takes a video call from a colleague right in a separate window on his device, which of course is Skype in a nutshell.“We will have high-definition, wide-screen television sets and a push-button dialing system to order the movie you want at the time you want it,” Ebert predicted in an interview with the magazine, Omni in A prediction is a forecast, but not only about the benjaminpohle.com means “before” and “diction” has to do with talking.

A prediction on the future of high definition television

So a prediction is a statement about the future. It’s a guess, sometimes based on facts or evidence, but not always. A fortune teller makes a prediction using a crystal ball.

A meteorologist uses maps and scientific data to tell us about the possibility of rain, snow or. High on the list was a deliberately engineered pandemic, and the authors warned that it could happen in as few as five years. Advertisement Illustrated version of Steven King’s The Stand (Image.

Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome (black and white), or in colour, and in two or three dimensions and sound. The term can refer to a television set, a television program ("TV show"), or the medium of television benjaminpohle.comsion is a mass medium for advertising, entertainment and news.

“We will have high-definition, wide-screen television sets and a push-button dialing system to order the movie you want at the time you want it,” Ebert predicted in an interview with the magazine, Omni in Future Technology Prediction Articles, Videos, and Web Sites Since , I've scanned the internet for new articles from around the world that interest me or I think will interest you.

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